Keynote Speaker 

We love sharing our passion and enthusiasm for all things trade shows so whether it’s in-front of an audience of sceptical senior managers, nervous SME’s, excited exhibitors or students wanting to be inspired, we’re keen to help support your event or seminar with engaging, relevant keynotes. 


We have delivered 5 Minute Flashes Of Inspiration, 30 minute Top Tips For Follow-Up and 60 Minute Talks on using trade shows strategically as part of an aligned marketing campaign. We’ve spoken to audiences of 5, 50, and hundreds at Business Clubs, Exhibitor Training Days and Corporate Trade Association Functions. So whatever your scale, focus and style we’re sure we can develop the right content to inspire and engage your stakeholders. 

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Topics we have covered in speaker sessions include:  

Selecting Your Squad: Why Your Sales Team Might Not Be The Most Effective People At A Trade Show – with an introduction to Wallflower Wilma, Hardsell Hank and Promiser Pete 

How To Fail At Trade Shows: The Pitfalls And Cliff Edges To Avoid For Successful Trade Show Execution 

Unleashing Your Inner Exhibitionist: Finding The Skills & Confidence To ‘Do’ Trade Shows Brilliantly

Yes, You Can Calculate ROI:  How To Plan, Implement & Execute A Trade Show to Generate Meaningful ROI 

Don’t Leave Your Valuables At Home:  Why Existing Customers Are More Important Than Prospects At Trade Shows 

Speaker To Speaker: How To Pitch, Develop & Deliver Great Content At Trade Show Seminars


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Feature Copy / Blogs 

Maxing Your Visitor Experience: How To Get The Most Value From A Trade Show As A Visitor

This clipping was an article that was part of a pre-show feature for the FIT Show exhibition that was printed in The Fabricator Magazine:

The Fabricator article


Radio Interviews

To listen to Nichola Reeder being interviewed by Helen Gunning the Head of the Irish Academy of Public Relations on Dublin City Radio about Marketing and the services we can offer via 12th Man Solutions Ltd


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Podcast Guest 

Nichola Reeder was a guest on the Teesside Business Podcast talking to their host Mike about all things Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and of course our Business Book The Exhibitionist!

You can listen to this Podcast here: Teesside Business Podcast 

Teessdie Business Podcast



If you’d like us to attend your business event, contribute to your Articles, Features, Blogs, Podcasts or Radio Shows and share some inspiration we’d love to hear from you: 

Phone: Nichola 07891 122542 Or Steve 07817 407643

E-mail: proextra@12th-man-solutions.co.uk 

Twitter: @proextraco 

LinkedIn: Nichola Reeder / Steve Reeder