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Through The Exhibitionist – Inspiring Trade Show Excellence, you will discover how to generate profitable leads and a stronger ROI from trade shows whilst learning how to navigate the end-to-end process of planning, implementation and evaluation like a pro. Packed with practical advice and tips and brought to life through case studies & examples, this 293 page book shows you how to maximise every penny of your investment.  Through an easy to follow format we’ll share all the key tips, tricks and suggestions on:

Planning: Researching the Right Show, SMART Objectives, Budget Planning, Stand Design, Lead Capture, Pre-Show Marketing

Implementation: Selecting Your Squad, Opening Questions, Squad Training, Filtering Visitors

Evaluation: Follow-Up, 7 Step Contact, Feedback, Measurement,  Evaluation

The Exhibitionist book can be ordered below or you can obtain your copy via all good book retailers and Amazon from 16th March 2019. 


The Exhibitionist – Project Manager Journal is the perfect accompaniment to The Exhibitionist giving you a working journal to record all your key decisions, ideas, inspirations and deadlines. Provided with a range of key questions to reflect on as you navigate your trade show planning, along with templates and tools to help you manage the organisation and delivery, the journal comes in a convenient ring binder giving you the flexibility to add additional pages where needed.

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The Exhibitionist – Inspiring Trade Show Excellence

Your guide to delivering a Return on Investment from your Trade Show activity. Please note price includes 2nd class postage and packaging



The Exhibitionist – Project Manager Journal

A handy folder packed with further hints and tips along with templates, tools and reflective questions to help you navigate the trade show P.I.E. process. The journal doubles as the ideal place to safely store all your documents and paperwork for upcoming shows. Please note the price includes postage and packaging.



The Exhibitionist & Project Manager Journal Bundle

Save £10 by bundling – Price includes postage and packaging Please email before ordering so that we can check availability of the journal: 


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