Who Are 12th Man Solutions Ltd?

Let’s get the official bit out of the way first!

12th Man Solutions is the legally registered parent company of ProExTra and Rebel Heart Bars the legal details of which can be viewed on this page .

The company was set up in 2013 to provide live event support and trade media consultancy.

But… a Brexit vote, worldwide pandemic and cost of living crisis later and the world has changed significantly… as have our priorities and services.

We’ve had to pivot and adapt to the world around us, as well as focus on what we’re really good at AND what we’re really passionate about …. and that’s LIVE EVENTS!!

However, if you are looking for traditional PR and Trade Marketing Support please keep on reading…

Now we service the live event sector in 2 specific ways through our trading divisions ProExTra and Rebel Heart Bars – in a nutshell, ProExTra supports all things exhibitions and conferences, Rebel Heart Bars provides the refreshments!

By clicking on either of the logos below you can hop over to the discrete sites for those brands and learn more about what we can do to help you maximise and perfect your live event experience!

We know for many businesses the efficiency of dealing with one agency is a massive bonus, so of course we can always help you with anything you need from our traditional skill set, whenever you need it!

As a reminder, the key services 12th Man Solutions can still offer you are:

  • Copywriting – B2B and B2C
  • Strategic Communication Consultancy – Internal & External
  • Videography and Editing
  • Media Training & Support
  • Opinion Gathering & Research
  • Campaign Implementation

Hopefully that makes things a little bit clearer and explains why if you work with ProExTra or Rebel Heart you might get an invoice with 12th Man Solutions Ltd on it.

However, the one thing we can promise is that whichever of our brands you work with you’ll get the same dedication, innovation, passion and creativity that you’ve come to expect from 12th Man over the last 10 years.

Click the links below for more details on our trading brands:

Click here for details of our Exhibition and Conference services which include:

  • Exhibition Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Staff Training & Stand Staffing
  • Conference Programme Development & Management
  • Hosting and MC’ing Events

Click here for details of Rebel Heart Bars which can offer:

  • Fully serviced mobile bar serving draft beer & cider, wine, cocktails, soft & hot drinks, Virgin & Alcoholic Milkshakes and Slushies to your requirements
  • Bar facilities and crew for corporate and private events
  • Bespoke beer brews (in association with some local breweries) and cocktails themed around your brand and or private Event
  • A flexible, mobile space that can be used to serve pretty much anything