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ProExTra is the Exhibition & Live Events division of 12th Man Solutions Ltd and our squad have over 30 years’ combined experience in the industry as visitors, exhibitors and event organisers.  We offer a wide variety of trade show and marketing communication services including exhibitor training, project management and consultancy.  Our work includes everything from the end-to-end planning of an entire trade show campaign on behalf of exhibitors, to workshops and e-learning, one-to-one coaching and conference programming and production.  If it involves any aspect of the exhibition footprint, we love helping make it as valuable as we can for  visitors, exhibitors and event organisers.



Steve Reeder

Logistics guru and lover of a planning spreadsheet, I thrive on working out how we get your stuff there on time, in full and with all the right permissions. Sometimes referred to as ‘Steve’ll-Fix-It”,  I can help in getting big boxes through small holes and help you write a Risk Assessment that will make any H&S Officer weep with joy! I’m here to ensure your fantastic exhibitor plans aren’t thwarted at the last minute by not having read the Exhibitor Manual thoroughly.

Call me on 07817 407643 or email at Steve@12th-man-solutions.co.uk






It’s all about the story for me – who are you telling it to, why would they be interested and what are they going to do as a result? Doesn’t sound like it’s got much to do with trade shows, right? Wrong, it’s all about engaging with your audience before, during and after the event to show visitors you understand their problem and how your product or service is the solution! I’m also really keen to help you pick the best squad for your trade show – surprisingly it might not be your sales team!

Call me on 07891 122542 or email at Nichola@12th-man-solutions.co.uk to chat through your Trade Show Troubles

You can also get in touch with either of us by e-mailing ProExTra@12th-man-solutions.co.uk or clickling on one of the social links above. 

*ProExTra is a wholly owned division of Twelfth Man Solutions Ltd.